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Objective: LA Premier FC (LAPFC) provides interested and motivated youth the opportunity to play soccer at the level that fits their skill and ability. LAPFC strives to keep soccer affordable, so all youth have an opportunity to participate. As such, the LAPFC Financial Aid program is intended to provide opportunities for financially disadvantaged youth players to participate in LAPFC Competitive Teams.

Privacy: All Financial Aid applications and financial documentation information provided will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. For the privacy of our applicants, all documentation provided will be destroyed or returned (upon request) after the LAPFC Financial Aid Committee approves or denies the request for Financial Aid.


  • Financial need must be demonstrated for consideration. Economic hardship will be the only factor in awarding Financial Aid. No one will be disqualified from consideration because of sex, race, color, creed or religious beliefs.
  • While we try to address as much of the need as possible, Financial Aid amounts will be based on the number of players demonstrating need, the extent of that need and the budget available for Financial Aid that year.
  • Financial Aid awards will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Criteria and Eligibility:

To be considered you must:

  1. Complete and submit an application for Financial Aid.
  2. Supply a copy of the first two pages of your 2018 filed Federal Tax Returns.
  3. Please include any additional documentation demonstrating financial need.
  4. Applications received after the published deadline will not be considered.
  5. Applications that are not filled out completely will not be considered.
  6. Applications must be filled out by the adult requesting Financial Aid. Applications for Financial Aid cannot be filled out by coaches, team managers, children or friends.
  7. The application must be first approved by the coach before submitting the paperwork to the office.
  8. All submitted financial information will be destroyed by LAPFC in compliance with the LAPFC document retention policies, unless the applicant requests their return.
  9. Any unpaid league fees from prior seasons will result in an applicant being ineligible for Financial Aid.
  10. Financial Aid recipients must complete required volunteer time.  Not fulfilling the required volunteer time will make the applicant ineligible for future Financial Aid. 

After Financial Aid is awarded, the remaining balance of player registration and other applicable fees are to be paid in full by October 15, 2019 unless a payment schedule is in place.  Failure to maintain financial good standing with LAPFC will result in a player being ineligible to participate.

If a child choses to leave the organization, the full financial aid allocation will be due back to the organization.


Please fill out the Financial Aid form and return confidentially to the LAPFC address below:                                                                                 

LA Premier FC 
1434 Foothill Blvd Unit B
La Canada, CA 91011

Attn: Financial Aid Coordinator

DEADLINE FOR 2019/20 Season Scholarships is:
SEPTEMBER 15th 2019

Your request will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee in a timely manner.  For any other questions, please contact the Office.  Financial Aid is applied to club fee registration only (there will be additional costs for uniforms, tournaments, and other team specific costs to be paid by the household).

Click below to Download Form:

Club Form                                                  DPL Form

Financial Aid Request for Club Fees – 2019/2020 Season  Player:____________________________________________________	Team / Coach: __ 	_ 	_ Address: 	_ 	_ 	_ 		City: _ 	_ 	_ 	_ 	_ School of Attendance: 	_ 	_____________	Email: _   _ 	_ 	_ 	_ Annual Income: __ 	_ 	_ 	_	Family Size: 	_ 	_   _ Please explain in detail the reason for your request (Attach additional sheets if needed):  	 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are requesting the following scholarship allocation:  ¼ Scholarship	½ Scholarship	¾ Scholarship 2010-2011 owe $1162.50	2010-2011 owe $775.00	2010-2011 owe $387.50 2008-2009 owe $1500.00	2008-2009 owe $1000.00	2008-2009 owe $500.00 2007-2001 owe $1650.00	2007-2001 owe $1100.00	2007-2001 owe $1650.00 10 Volunteer Hour Commitment	15 Volunteer Hour Commitment	20 Volunteer Hour Commitment PLEASE NOTE: o	Volunteer hours will be monitored by the office staff at LA Premier, failure to comply with these conditions could result in loss of scholarship.     	_ Initial   o	Players that leave the club before the end of season will be responsible for the full fees for the year and all scholarship money that was allocated.   Financial hardship requests are not automatic and can not be guaranteed by the Coach, they are subject to “need” and are reviewed judiciously by LA Premier.  In addition to this form you MUST submit: (Incomplete documentation will be rejected) o	A copy of the first 2 pages of your 2018 filed federal tax returns. o	Please include any additional documentation demonstrating financial need.  	_ Initial       	_ Initial   o	A practice kit and game kit are required and will be an additional cost to the parent. o	Team fees are not covered in the scholarship. This will be an additional cost to the parent. o	Players are required to cover the full Raffle ticket fee of $100 , this cannot be waived.   All club fees are due no later than October 15th 2019. The 1st installment of $450 is required at the time of registration and is non-refundable. You will be obligated to meet the payment arrangements upon approval. Your Childs coach MUST sign and Date this form before submittal. You will be contacted by LAPFC about the outcome of your scholarship request.  ALL FINANCIAL INFORMATION IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.  Print Name: _   _ 	_ 	_ 	_  Signature: 	_ 	_ 	_ MANDATORY – Coaches Signature: _ 	_ 	_ 	_______	Date 	 	 Coaches Recommendation: 	_ 	_ 	_ 	_ 	_ 	_ Mail Signed form and additional documentation to: LAPFC Financial Aid Director 1434 B Foothill Blvd La Canada, CA 91011  LAPFC Approval: 	_ 	_ 	_ 	Date 	 	 Amount Approved: _ 	_ 	_ 	__	Payments:__ 	_ 	__ Family Notified Date:_ 	_ 	_ 		Means 	 	      

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