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We are delighted to offer young soccer players the chance take part in our town-based LA GRASSROOTS soccer program that provides expert training, in a fun, safe, community based program with an emphasis on HEALTH & WELLNESS  through Soccer, developing skill and technique as well as building a love of the game, along with 1v1, 2v2 fun competition and gameplay.

Players in the LA GRASSROOTS program are expected to attend both 1 PRACTICE and 1 GAMEDAY each week. 

For parents, this is an ideal program if you can say yes to the following questions

  • Are you looking for a Health and Wellness Program for your child to stay active?
  • To create fun childhood memories and increase self-esteem?
  • Does your child enjoy Soccer and Fun Games?
  • Does your child look forward to practices and games?
  • Do you need a Set schedule for training and games?
  • Do you want professional Coaching for your Child?
  • Are you concerned about the additional time and money needed to play full club soccer?
  • Do you want to have your Summer Free without soccer commitments?

This program can act as a stand-alone soccer program for your son/daughter or supplement any other soccer that they take part in to ensure a healthy and stress-free sporting experience.

Our LA GRASSROOTS program is designed to allow all boys and girls, regardless of experience, the opportunity to play the game of soccer while staying active. All players involved in the LA GRASSROOTS Level are guaranteed 50% of game time. 


These will all be held from 4.30-5:30pm at Oak Grove Field in La Canada. 

Address: 4463 Oak Grove Drive, La Canada, CA 91011


Games will be played Saturday from 7:50 am-9.15am at La Canada HS JV Field (Grass field).


LA GRASSROOTS provides jersey, shorts and socks. Players will wear white Jerseys for practice and then should bring both jerseys to their Saturday gamedays, along with bringing a ball that will be provided at registration. 


Parents are expected to provide for their child: a water bottle, shin guards, and soccer cleats, along with bringing their soccer ball to every soccer event. 


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